hrvst labs + colorado harvest company concentrates

Premium cannabis concentrates by HRVST Labs. Discover Colorado’s premiere extract company today.

At HRVST Labs, they focus on creating the best recreational concentrates from the highest quality starting materials. The two founding extractors have over 30 years of combined cannabis extraction experience and hold the entire team to their distinguished standards, The Extractor’s Standard. Many members of the HRVST team started in various markets and have backgrounds in cultivation. This allows them to source trim and fresh frozen cannabis flower from the most respected gardens, like Colorado Harvest Company, that they know will produce amazing concentrates. We are constantly innovating in order to deliver the best extracts on the planet and will continue to push the limits to bring you the cleanest, most terpene-rich cannabis concentrates possible.


HRVST Labs x Colorado Harvest Company: 

We have had the honor to be able to work with HRVST Labs to provide them with our amazing small batch cannabis, to create our own concentrates. You can find wax, shatter, and rosin produced using our terpene-rich cannabis flower at all our locations.