Kanha Nano Gummies

Kanha Nano Gummies are considered one of the most flavorful cannabis gummies on the Colorado market. Each package contains 20 5mg gummies for those looking to consume low doses or enjoy many tasty gummies.

Nano Gummies are fast-acting due to the utilization of nanomolecular technology in the manufacturing process. The onset of Kanha Nano Gummies typically takes 15 minutes rather than 1 hour for most other brands.

You can find Kanha Edibles across the United States in states like California, Colorado, Massachusetts, & Nevada. However, you can find many of their flavors at any of our 3 recreational dispensary locations in Denver & Aurora.

Kanha Nano Gummie Flavors

As you break the seal, these fruity flavors will have your mouth watering as the pungent aroma of makes its way to your nose. Photos provided by Kanha Edibles

Cran-Pomegranate Punch

Get ready to dive into a fruity pouch of cranberry & pomegranate. These two fruit flavors blend together to create a powerful punch for your tastebuds.

nano gummie cran Pom

Passionfruit Paradise

Imagine yourself on a beach sipping a passionfruit smoothie. Passionfruit Paradise will take your mind there as you chew these juicy gummies.

kanha edibles passionfruit paradise

Sublime Key Lime

Keylime is a classic flavor that pairs well with a sunny day in the park or a cozy night inside. Each gummy is packed to the brim with a key lime flavor that is simply sublime.

Kanha Nano Gummies Sublime Key Lime

Blood Orange Bliss

Blood Orange Bliss Vegan cannabis gummies are created using vegan-friendly ingredients so every adult can have a chance to sink into the powerful Blood Orange flavor.

kanha nano gummies Blood Orange

Ginger Pear

The spicy ginger tang mixed with the incredibly fruity flavor of pear combines to create the perfect pairing for any occasion. 

Kanha nano Gummies Ginger Pear

Luscious Lemon

Once you pop a Luscious Lemon gummy into your mouth you will be transported to the wildlands of lemon flavor town. Maybe even go a step further and enjoy with a glass of lemonade!

Kanha nano Gummies Luscious Lemon

Serene Green Apple

Serene Green Apple is a 20:1 CBD THC Gummie that can help chill you out like laying in a Green Apple Orchard on a sunny day admiring the clouds. 

Kanha Nano Gummies Serene Green Apple