A note of gratitude to you,

Thank you for your patience over these past few weeks. We have had to retool our systems and stores to provide the temporary “curbside pickup” as well as reduce our hours to comply as an essential business in the state of Colorado.

We don’t like selling our products like this. Purchasing cannabis and concentrates is a multi-sensory shopping experience. We miss showing you our crystally buds and beautiful waxes. We miss talking about the flower drops and the new specials this week. We miss you in our shops!

All that to say that we have 100% of our staff on payroll.  We have not raised our prices on any products. We have kept our daily deals, discounts and points active during this time. This is possible because of you.

Please understand that we will get back to normal as soon as possible. Please also know that  continuing to order online and deal with curbside pick up is what is keeping us going.

Together we will get through this.

Gratefully yours,
Colorado Harvest Company Family