live resin concentrate

Interested in learning about cannabis live resin and other “Live” concentrates? Let us explain the different types and what makes a “Live Concentrate”.

Live Resin and other Live Concentrates are made by extracting the concentrates using fresh frozen cannabis plants. This means the cannabis plants are harvested and immediately frozen to maintain freshness and all terpenes. Once frozen, the plants are moved into the extraction process by mainly using a butane extraction. The extraction method will vary depending on the concentrate. For example, Rosin is made without any solvent, so the plants would not go through any extra processes.

Live Cannabis Concentrates contain higher amounts of terpenes (flavors) due to the freshness of the plants. This makes for a more flavorful concentrate without having to add terpenes into the end product. This is why concentrate consumers love Live Cannabis Concentrates over some of the others on the market. Keep in mind, with this process you will find the products have a higher cost due to extra work to produce the end product.

Let’s explore the different Live Concentrates on the market.

 Live Resin

Live Resin is one of the orginal forms of Live Concentrates. Live Resin has a sappy type of texture and is best used for dabbing or smoked in a concentrate vaporizer pen.

Live Rosin

Live Rosin is created without the use of any solvents and is loved by concentrate experts. Live Rosin is one of the most flavorful forms of cannabis concentrate due to the lack of solvents.

Live Oil (Live Vape Cartridges)

Live Cartridges are becoming more popular as the industry progresses. You will find Live Oil in disposable vape cartridges from many companies in Colorado.

Live Badder

Live Badder is simular to Cannabis Wax but with a bit of a “Butter” texture. It’s easier to handle while dabbing.

Live Sauce

Live Sauce has a texture of whipped butter. It’s simular to Live Badder but a bit more “Saucy”. The difference is all about preference.

Live Wax

Live Wax is one of the most common forms of Live Cannabis Concentrates due to Wax’s orginal popularity. You can’t go wrong with it.

Live Shatter

Live Shatter has a hard texture and is much more easy to handle when dabbing. This is also another very popular option as Cannabis Shatter is one of the highest selling cannabis concentrate on the market.

The difference between all of the Live Cannabis Concentrates is simply: Solvent, how long they are purged, the method of extraction, and other aspects that some companies like to keep secret.

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