Locol Love Cannabis Flower Drops At All Colorado Harvest Company Locations.


About Locol Love

Ran by Josh and Trisha Williams, Locol Love is passionate about bringing a catalog of tremendous cannabis flower to the people of Colorado. You can find their grow in the peacful foothills of Boulder, Colorado, where their true values shine through into their finished products. 

When it comes to Locol Love’s flower, you can see the difference when compared to many other companies on the market. You can expect thricome filled and terpene rich flowers every time you purchase their products.

The Locol Love family is on a mission to achieve that goal every single day. Each employee shares the same passion for breeding, cultivating, and harvesting A+ grade strains. The intense passion and persistence is evident in each package of Locol Love flower you will find in our dispensaries.

Locol Love Strains and Product Drops

 We are one of the few dispensaries in Denver & Aurora to offer exclusive drops of these amazing strains. All our drops are in limited quantities and generally sell out soon after we make it available in the store. We recommend to follow our Instagram page @coloradoharvestco, signup for our SMS or email list, or keep checking on our Product Drop calendar to know when the next Locol Love flower drops are.

locol love cannabis flower

Strains Grown By Locol Love

See below for some examples of past strains we have received from Locol Love.

Photos Provided by Colorado Harvest Company