Loudbird cannabis flower

About Loudbird Cannabis

Loudbird Cannabis is an up-and-coming Colorado brand focused on bringing top-tier cannabis flower to the market. You can find them on Instagram HERE or view their website HERE.

You can find Loudbird Cannabis at any of our 3 recreational dispensary locations in Denver & Aurora.

Cannabis Strains By Loudbird

Let’s explore of the current strains grown by Loudbird.

Bubble Bath

Genetics: Project 4516 x The Soap
Description: Bubble Bath is a beautiful Indica dominate strain that produces incredibly smelling buds. Breaking open these densely packed buds will reveal a pool of THC crystals awaiting you.

Bubble Bath by Loudbird

Photo provided by Loudbird.


Genetics: Cookies and Cream x Secret Weapon
Description: Oreoz by Loudbird matches the snow-packed peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains due to its THC-covered buds. This Indica dominate strain gives off a pungent aroma that will fill every corner of the room it’s in.

Oreoz by Loudbird

Photo provided by Loudbird.

Pink Grapes

Genetics: Pink Runtz x Grape Gas
Description: Pink Grapes is a jaw-dropping cross of Pink Runtz and Grape Gas which provides an uplifting high due to its Sativa dominant nature. The fruity tang will linger in the air for hours after the bag is opened.

Pink Grapes by Loudbird

Photo provided by Loudbird.

Cake Mix

Genetics: Wedding Cake x London Pound Cake
Description: Cake Mix is a well-known strain that has made its way around the Colorado market. However, Loudbird produces it a bit differently. The frosty orange-haired buds stick together as you break them apart. Not only does this strain taste amazing, but it also provides an uplifting high.

Cake Mix by Loudbird

Photo provided by Loudbird.

Punch Breath

Genetics: Mendo Breath x Purple Punch
Description: Punch Breath by Loudbird is a tangy strain developed for its hybrid effects. Expect the taste to be more on the fruitier side with this high-power strain. 

Punch Breath by Loudbird

Photo provided by Loudbird.