Most Popular Cannabis Edibles in Denver CO

Most Popular Cannabis Edibles in Denver Colorado (2022)

The most popular cannabis edibles in Denver, Colorado can vary from cannabis gummies to cannabis chocolates. In Colorado, cannabis edibles must be portioned into 10mg pieces. 10mg is the state-mandated single dose of THC. Due to this, you will often find cannabis edibles in smaller bite-size portions. Let’s explore some of the more popular cannabis edibles available in Denver. 

Gummie Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis gummies are popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Cannabis gummies are tasty & easy to consume. Here are some of the top cannabis gummies edibles in Colorado.

Dialed In…

 710 Labs Gummies

 Incredibles Gummies



Chocolate Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis chocolates in Colorado come in many flavors and sizes. Most cannabis chocolates are in 100mg chocolate bars & split into 10 (10mg) pieces. Incredibles Edibles has an array of mouth-watering chocolate flavors that are guaranteed to take you for a ride.

Incredibles Edibles


Koala Edibles

Baked Cannabis Edibles

Baked cannabis edibles are a classic form of edible. Who doesn’t love a cannabis-infused brownie or cookie? Baked goods are commonly found in 10mg pieces. This way you can enjoy a tasty treat while getting a dose of THC.

Jade & Jane

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