mountain high cannabis suckers 1

Looking for Cannabis Suckers? Mountain High Cannabis Suckers is one of Colorado’s top infused sucker companies on the recreational and medical scene. Let’s explore their available flavors.

Mountain High Suckers has been around in Colorado since 2009. They are one of Colorado’s oldest cannabis companies and are still around doing better than ever. Their cannabis suckers come in a variety of flavors and CBD/THC strengths. If you are looking for a tasty and discreet way to consume your cannabis, suckers are a good way to go.


Available Cannabis Sucker Flavors:

Blueberry Cannabis Sucker


Caramal Apple Cannabis Sucker

Caramel Apple

Cherry Cannabis Sucker


Cinnamon Cannabis Sucker


Honey Dew Melon Cannabis Sucker

Honey Dew Melon

Lemon Lime Cannabis Sucker

Lemon Lime

Mixed Berry Cannabis Sucker

Mixed Berry

Peppermint Cannabis Sucker


Tangerine Cannabis Sucker


Watermelon Cannabis Sucker


Check our live menus at all 3 of our locations to see if we have Mountain High Cannabis Suckers in stock. Click HERE to see our live menus. You can also learn more about Mountain High by visiting their website HERE.