Mountain Select Live Rosin Concentrates Is Available At Our Broadway & Yale Locations. 

About Mountain Select

Mountin Select likes to keep it sample and focus on quality over quantity. Using only water and ice they are able to produce clean, flavorful, and potent solventless extracts without losing any quality during the extraction process. It all starts in their garden with high quality cannabis plants and ends in the lab with high quality cannabis extraction methods. Based in Breckenridge, Mountain Select understands the mountain lifestyle and the cannabis culture that many people in Colorado share. They want to elevate their standards of quality in small batch cannabis to a higher state. Give Mountain Select a try, you wont regret it.

The Mission Of Mountain Select

The mission is to produce pure premium small-batch solventless extracts that you can taste the quality in. Gone are the days of Butane & CO2 extracts. Using only hand-selected cannabis flower and their proprietary extraction techniques, they are able to produce the optimal concentrates for the end user.

Mountain Select Menu Photo

Concentrates Made By Mountain Select

 See below for some examples of what to expect from Mountain Select’s line up of Solventless cannabis concentrates.

  • Water Hash
  • Live Rosin
  • Live Rosin Batter
  • Live Rosin Sauce
  • Live Rosin Cartridges