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olio concentrates

Mr. Nasty | Flower

Growers Description: One of our favorite plants to grow, for her overall structure. Her sweet, savory, funky aroma that stirs the senses just so: then you’ll find yourself at the corner of Garlic Salami st. and Musty Funk rd.  

Strain Genetics: GMO x Grease Monkey

Flowering Time: 60-65 days

Plant Height: Moderate in veg, 4x her size in flower.

Effects: Couch-locked Red Eye Jedi

Flavor: Sweet garlic, salami, gas

Available on 02.19.21

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Mr. Nasty | Rosin

Grown by Colorado Harvest Co and pressed by Olio. Upon opening the jar, you’ll initially be hit with a GMO / Chem flavor up front, transitioning to a sweetness from the glue in the Grease Monkey. You don’t want to miss this one.

Available on 02.19.21

Mr. Nasty Jam By Olio

mr nasty Jam

Mr. Nasty 2nd Press By Olio

mr nasty 2nd press

Mr. Nasty Cold Cure By Olio

mr nasty Cold Cure

Mr. Nasty | Solventless Gummies

Mr. Nasty (GMO x Grease Monkey) was cultivated by our good buddies @coloradoharvestgrow . This very special flower will be dropping at their stores @coloradoharvestco on 2/19 at 10:00 along with Mr Nasty gummies made by us and Rosin washed and pressed by @dabolio710.

With Caryophyllene, Limonene and Humulene all being dominant in Mr. Nasty’s terpene profile, it makes perfect sense that this is one aromatic and pungent strain! GMO contributes a striking and funky aroma that smells like garlic, while the Grease Monkey half of this strain’s lineages adds earthy and woody notes to its profile. The rosin used for this batch of gummies tested at 2.73% CBG, which works with these terpenes to produce physically comforting effects and a tranquil head high. The body effects will also aid in reducing physical aches or general discomfort.

Suggested Use – Mr. Nasty’s terpenes work together to produce a powerful body high and a peaceful, calm headiness. These effects are great for an afternoon spent playing board games or completing puzzles! You’ll still feel present and engaged, but any stress will be put on the back burner.

 Available on 02.19.21

Dialed In

Limited Release | Olio x Colorado Harvest Company | Mr. Nasty Shirt Drop

Each store will have a limited amount of these one time run t-shirts. Get one while you can starting on the 19th.


Will be available for online order and in-store shopping.