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Natty Rems is a Colorado based cannabis concentrate company that produces many¬†connoisseur level extracts. You can often find Natty Rems products in our recreational dispensaries, however we usually sell out of their products shortly after receiving them. When you purchase any extracts by Natty Rems, it’s guaranteed to be some of the best on the market. If you are looking for any concentrates processed from Live cannabis material, Natty Rems can be that company for you.

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Concentrates by Natty Rems

Cured Budder

Cured Budder concentrate is extracted from cured cannabis flower. Natty Rems produces their Cured Budder from their own in-house cannabis plants. This way the quality control is 100%.

Live Diamonds

Live diamonds or crystalline diamonds consists of almost 100% pure THCa. Live Diamonds is more and more becoming a popular concentrate due to it’s psychoactive compounds and higher potency levels.

Live Budder

Live Budder is made from freshly cut plants that are immediately frozen to retain their natural terpene content. By doing this, Natty Rems Live Budder is a flavorful concentrate that is easy to dab due to it’s buttery consistency.

Live Sugar

Natty Rems Live Sugar is created when there is enough time for natural separation of THCa crystals and terpene “Sauce” to take place. The end product will have the consistency of wet beach sand.


The potent slabs of shatter produced by Natty Rems premium cured in0house flower. Their shatter is a classic cannabis concentrate that will always produce the perfect effects.

Fresh Frozen Solventless

Only the top fresh frozen flower goes into creating Natty Rems Fresh Frozen Solventless Concentrates. You can expect this extract to be made from full melt ice water hash extracted using ice water and screen to produce the best possible concentrate on the market.

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