Introducing the new PAX Era and PAX Era cannabis Pods

The PAX Era

The PAX Era is a low profile handheld Vaporizer produced by PAX. A no-button interface means device response is instant, and variable temperature settings deliver the purest flavor profiles. At first glance, this vape pen looks simple, but looks are deceiving. It works with a phone app that can control the temperature output down to the degree.

It pairs via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, Pax Vapor, which allows you to customize the LED light colors, change their brightness, and ramp up the temperature for bigger hits.

it pairs over bluetooth to a smartphone app pax vapor which allows you to customize the led light colors change their brightness and ramp up the temperature for bigger hits

The PAX Era Cannabis Pods

The PAX Era Live Resin Pods come in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options. Each pod is filled with 500mg of the highest quality live resin batter by The Lab Colorado. The available strains are: Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush, Tangie, Pre 98, Panama Punch, and Kosher Kush. 

You can find PAX Era Pods at our Colorado Harvest Locations. CLICK HERE to see directions and hours. 

pax era cannabis pod