pax era cannabis pods by greendot labs

Introducing GreenDot Labs PAX ERA Live Resin Cannabis Pods

For the first time, consumers can experience GDL’s pure, uncut live resin in their Era or Era Pro device. Unlike many vape products that combine live resin with high terpene fractions, distillate, CO2 oil, fake or reintroduced terpenes, or other added ingredients, GDL’s 100% Pure Live Resin Pods are filled with uncut, unadulterated premium live resin.

100% Pure Live Resin Cannabis Pods

Greendot’s uncut, additive-free 100% Pure Live Resin Pods are filled with the raw essential oils of the living cannabis plant and nothing else.

The live resin in these pods undergoes the same proprietary extraction and finishing process as their award-winning Black Label Live Resin Cartridges. After the resin is separated from fresh frozen plant material using delicate butane extraction, all residual solvents are purged from the oil before a weeks-long process forms the same THCa crystals and terpene sauce solution familiar as dabbable FSE. The rocks and sauce then undergo a proprietary final step to achieve the ideal consistency for vaping.

No CO2 oil, distillate, fake or fractionally distilled terpenes, diluents, or other ingredients are added to the live resin in Greendot’s Pods.

About Greendot Labs Live Resin Pods

The newest product in Greendot’s accessibly, Silver Label 100% Pure Live Resin Pods put the intense taste of live resin into focus with custom-crafted blends of uncut, additive-free live resin that reflect the cannabis plant’s endless flavor possibilities.

Each blend features strains from Greendot’s garden or sourced from one of there carefully vetted cultivation partners, selected and combined by the GDL team in flavor-based blends designed to achieve an intense expression of an essential cannabis terpene profile like citrus or gas.

In addition to flavor-focused live resin blends, every flavor category features a CBD live resin blend that includes resin from CBD-rich strains—no distillate, isolate, or hemp-derived CBD.

After being custom-blended in-house, every unique live resin blend in our Silver Label 100% Pure Live Resin Pod series is categorized by flavor.

Batteries are not included and can be purchased through PAX