The Juul Vaporizer of Cannabis | PAX ERA

The PAX ERA is a slim and discrete handheld vaporizer that is mainly meant to be used with pods of cannabis extracts. These “Smart Phones” of the vaporizer world are one of the most interesting vannabis vaporizers on the market. 

Juul, the highly popular E-cigarette vaporizer, is made by PAX. This is why the PAX ERA looks almost the same as the Juul. They both come with the same technology however the pods are slightly different.

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About The Pods

The amazing aspect of the PAX ERA cannabis pods is the quality of oils that are being put in. The LAB produces most of the ERA pods that we carry at our locations. This is for good reason! The LAB produces oils using only the highest quality live resin batter. 

On top of the incredibly tasty oil, you can find strains such as: 303 OG, Bubba Kush, Durban Poison, Fall 97, Caribbean Fuel, and many more.

the pax era ushers in a new generation of cannabis cartridge technology

About The PAX ERA

The PAX ERA is a one of kind vaporizer. Upon it’s release, it was one of the only “Smart” vaporizers on the market. (Sharing the space with it’s much bigger brother PAX.) With multiple tempature settings, hidden games, gems, and easter eggs.

This Vaporizer might not have any buttons but it can do far more than what you would think a cannabis vaporizer could.