Colorado Harvest Company found a silver lining in the new edibles laws that were instituted in October, making it illegal to sell any edible that doesn’t have a THC icon on each individual piece. In order to comply, many edibles companies had to discard the edibles they’d already made that didn’t meet the new guidelines.

“We were able to facilitate the coordination of a pretty substantial amount of edibles that were otherwise going to find their way into a dumpster because of their packaging, not because of the edible,” explains Colorado Harvest CEO Tim Cullen.

Rather than throw them out, Colorado Harvest partnered with Wana and Grow for Vets to provide veterans with edibles for one cent — since companies are forbidden to give away products, even to their own employees. As a result, they distributed $60,000 worth of cannabis products last month for pocket change.

“And $60,000 is probably lowballing it,” says Colorado Harvest’s sales manager, Chad Drew, who estimates that the company gave out about 200,000 milligrams’ worth of edibles through November.

Veterans were the obvious beneficiaries, says Drew, a vet himself: “It’s logical to give it back to the veterans who served us.”

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