Recreational Cannabis Edibles In Denver & Aurora

Recreational Cannabis Edibles In Denver and Aurora Colorado

We carry Colorado’s top recreational cannabis edibles at our Denver & Aurora dispensary locations. No matter what you are looking for, we have something that will fit your needs. You will find cannabis edibles in all shapes, sizes, & dosages. The standard dose size, as stated by Colorado law, is 10mg of THC. Most edibles available for recreational consumers are measured out into 10mg pieces. However, you will find some liquid edibles, such as drinks, can come in 100mg containers. Browse our huge selection of cannabis edibles in person or via our online menus. 

Edible Companies Available At Our Stores

incredibles edibles - recreational cannabis chocolate

Incredibles Edibles

Incredibles Edibles is one of Colorado’s oldest cannabis companies. Founded in 2010 by some industry OGs, they produce a wide variety of cannabis edibles. originally known for their chocolate, you can find incredible gummies and other products on store shelves now.

The Incredibles Edibles Cannabis Chocolate bars come in 100mg packages and are split up into 10mg pieces for easy dosage.

Nove - recreational edibles

Nove Edibles

Nove Edibles is actually owned by Incredibles, so you know the quality is A++. The Nove chocolate bar line-up consists of mouth-watering chocolate flavors and precisely dosed squares. Chocolate bars are a great way for newcomers and seasoned tokers a-like to consume cannabis. It’s a tasty treat filled with powerful THC.

wyld gummies - recreational edible gummies

WYLD Gummies

WYLD is one of the cannabis industry’s top companies. At the moment you can find WYLD Gummies in 7 different states including Colorado. At the moment you can find 8 different gummy variations on our shelves. Their gummies come in high CBD, high CBN, & THC, as well as yummy flavors.

Canyon Cultivation - recreational edibles

Canyon Cultivation

Canyon Cultivation has been around in Colorado since 2009! They produce a wide variety of amazing sweets. Their cannabis edibles such as “Lick It”, “Suck It”, “Chew It”, & “Pop It”, are industry classics. If you are looking for a cannabis sucker or cannabis chewable, they are the go-to producer.

Jade and Jane - recreational edibles

Jade & Jane Baked Goods

Jade & Jane produces Colorado’s best cannabis-infused baked goods. You can find delicious cannabis-infused brownies, cupcakes, & more by Jade & Jane. Made locally here in Denver, we always have fresh batches that will make your mouth water thinking about them. How does a red velvet cupcake sound right about now?

nfuzed - recreational edibles


When it comes to sour gummies, NFuzed has it down. Their 10mg THC gummies come in packs of 10 pieces. You can find a few variations of their gummies including high CBD versions.

dialed in gummies - recreational edibles

Dialed In Gummies…

Since Dialed in Gummies broke into the Colorado recreational edible market in 2020, they have quickly become one of Colorado’s top edible companies. They are one of the few companies that produce strain-specific gummy batches and sous-vide their gummy mix before pouring the product into the molds. By using the sous vide method, their gummies retain much higher levels of the strain’s terpenes. 

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