Difference Between Recreational cannabis and Medical cannabis In colorado

Recreational Vs Medical Cannabis

Colorado legalized Medical cannabis in November 7th, 2000. Since the passing of that law, it has laid the frame work for Recreational cannabis which was legalized in November of 2012. Although recreational cannabis dispensaries were not available until January 2014, adults could posses specific amounts of cannabis products.

Let’s explore the difference between Recreational cannabis and Medical cannabis in Colorado.

Different Business Licenses

In Colorado, a grower and seller must posses different licenses to grow and sell recreational or medical cannabis. Each cannabis plant is tagged with different RFID tags that tie them to a license number. 


Same Strains and Genetics

Many people may think that Medical cannabis tests higher than recreational cannabis. This is false. Recreational and medical cannabis has no difference when it comes to THC percentage. You can grow the same genetics under a recreational license as you can under a medical license.


You Need A Medical Card To By Medical Cannabis

You need a Colorado Medical Card to purchase any Medical cannabis products in the state of Colorado. You can obtain a medical card from specific doctors located in Colorado. A simple Google search will provide plenty of results to choose from.


21+ Years Or More To Purchase Recreational Cannabis

In order to purchase recreational cannabis from a dispensary in Colorado, you will need to be 21+ years or older. To shop within a recreational store you will need to provide a valid government issued I.D.


You Can Purchase More Cannabis With a Medical Card.

Adults can purchase up to 28 Grams of recreational cannabis or the equivalent in cannabis products. With a Colorado medical card, patients can purchase how ever much your medical card allows for. (Ounces to LBs)


Different Tax Rates

Different tax rates apply to recreational cannabis vs medical cannabis in Colorado. For example recreational cannabis in Denver, Colorado has a complete tax rate of 21.12% and a medical tax rate of 4.31%.