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Slippery Susan

Slippery Susan is a big time favorite amongst many of our customers. The gas aroma produced by this plant will have your mouth watering by the time your bowl is packed. We invite you to try this strain and give us your feedback. We know you will love it.

Slippery Susan Exotic Strain Bag
Slippery Susan

Growers Notes – Slippery Susan

Growers Description: A gorgeous plant in the garden, her overwhelming gas n’ musty laced stench cries out, even in the vegeative stage. Her deep, rich green foliage is beautifully contrasted by her bright, silverish flowers, garnished with dark red hairs. She produces so much grease, Pauly D could style his hair. Don’t let the name fool you, Susan definitely gets you more stuck than slick.. that all day hold.

Strain Genetics: Tina x Grease Monkey

Blend: 80% Indica

Flowering Time: 60-65 days

Plant Height: Moderate size in the vegetation cycle and up to 2x her size in the flowering cycle

Effects: Couch locking and brain drool bubbling.

Flavor: Pungent, petrol, and musky.

mr.nasty fan leaf
Slippery Susan Terpenes (1)

Total Cannabinoid Breakdown

alpha-Bisabolol: 0.0139%
alpha-Humulene: 0.0989%
beta-Caryophyllene: 0.323%
Isopulegol: 0.00307%
Linalool: 0.167%
Terpinolene: 0.00893%
gamma-Terpinene: 0.000959%
Eucalyptol: 0.000552%
Ocimene 2: 0.00471%
d-Limonene: 0.731%
Ocimene 1: 0.00172%
alpha-Terpinene: 0.000574%
delta-3-Carene: 0.000140%
beta-Pinene: 0.142%
beta-Myrcene: 0.842%
Camphene: 0.0243%
alpha-Pinene: 0.0864%
Total Cannabinoids: 2.449155%

Finished Product

Take a peak at the finished Slippery Susan flower. You can expect to find dense, trichome filled buds packed with flavorful terpenes that will have your mouth watering.

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Release Dates

07.10.20 – Flower
07.24.20 – Pheno #1 – Flower
09.25.20 – Flower
10.30.20 – Flower
11.27.21 – Pheno #3 – Flower
01.15.21 – Flower