As More States Legalize, Colorado’s Pot Biz Is Ready To Cash In On Its Know-How

Ben Markus, Colorado Public Radio, November 22, 2016

For many pot activists, 2016’s election results were an affirmation — a tipping point — for the country’s acceptance of marijuana. For Colorado pot entrepreneurs, it’s also a great opportunity.

Four states voted to legalize recreational pot, four voted for medical. Tim Cullen, owner and operator of Colorado Harvest, a small metro area chain, feels that “marijuana had an outstanding election.” To Cullen, seeing Arkansas vote for medical marijuana was cool, but it was another state that really captured his attention.

“We’re excited about California,” which legalized recreational pot with Proposition 64. “It is a market about 10 times the size of Colorado. We look at that as, California represents 10 states that might have gone legal in past election.”

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