Mr. Nasty Strain

Mr. Nasty


LINEAGE: GMO x Grease Monkey

Mr. Nasty is a indica-dominant hybrid meticulously cultivated by Colorado Harvest Company. Born from the potent union of GMO and Grease Monkey, this strain dazzles with airy bright green buds adorned by vibrant orange hairs and a lavish coating of crystalline trichomes. With a robust lineage, Mr. Nasty emanates a pungent aroma of sweet garlic, gasoline, and a tantalizing sourness, setting the stage for a flavor profile that oscillates between sweetness and a bold, gassy, and sour medley.

A true powerhouse, Mr. Nasty delivers a classic cannabis experience, enveloping users in red eyes, a hint of cottonmouth, and a comforting couchlock. Enhanced by dominant terpenes like Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, and Myrcene, Mr. Nasty promises a journey into relaxation and euphoria, where each inhalation unveils the unapologetic essence of this remarkable hybrid.


Mr. Nasty can induce classic cannabis effects with red eyes, a touch of cottonmouth, and a soothing couchlock sensation, courtesy of its high THC levels.









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