Slippery Susan Strain

Slippery Suesan


LINEAGE: Tina x Grease Monkey

Slippery Suesan is a indica-dominant hybrid meticulously cultivated by Colorado Harvest Company, born from the union of Tina and Grease Monkey genetics. This visually striking strain graces gardens with deep green foliage and silverish flowers complemented by dark red hairs, promising a visually captivating experience.

Slippery Suesan, renowned for its potency, is favored by experienced cannabis enthusiasts seeking effects that induce relaxation, sleepiness, and an enhanced appetite. Orginally Bred by Exotic Genetix, this strain delights the palate with a flavor profile characterized by notes of coffee, chocolate, and diesel, all underscored by the dominant terpene caryophyllene, imparting a distinctive fuel aroma. While cultivating Slippery Suesan poses a challenge, its rarity elevates it to a coveted status, making it a noteworthy addition for those who seek a unique and potent cannabis experience.


Slippery Suesan delivers a potent experience characterized by deep relaxation, sleepiness, and an elevated appetite. Favored by experienced cannabis enthusiasts, its effects make it an ideal choice for those seeking profound physical and mental relief.









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