What are the different O.penVAPE cartridges on the market?

Colorado Harvest Company is Colorado’s #1 supplier of O.penVAPE products, you can find all their cartridges and pens at any of our 3 locations. Click HERE to get directions and hours.


O.penVAPE Craft RESERVE is one of O.pen’s top teir cannabis oil cartridges. Available in strain specific varieties¬†ranging from Agent Orange to Blue Dream strains. Like all O.penVAPE products, you can find the Craft RESERVE in Sativa, Indica, and Hybird options. Each cartridge is made from high quality glass and comes with a metal tip. The Craft RESERVE is known as one of the top cannabis cartridges on the market.

openvape craft reserve 250mg hybrid
openvape reserve 420mg indica


O.penVAPE RESERVE is O.penVAPE’s first release of pure cannabis oil. Each puff is guaranteed to provide a tasty and clean smoke. As with the other cartridges O.penVAPE produces, you can find the cartridges in strain specific and in sativa, indica, and hybrid options.

O.penVAPE Original

A classic in the O.penVAPE cannabis oil line, the original cartridges are available in 150mg, 250mg, and 500mg sizes. The original is by far O.penVAPE’s most popular product on the market. Since each cartridge can be screwed on and off your battery, you can switch out between sativa, indica, and hybrid depending on how you feel.

openvape 500mg Sativa
openvape One Hybrid 1


The O.NE is O.penVAPE’s version of a disposable cannabis vape pen. You can enjoy your cannabis oil without the fear of charging your battery. Once your pen is done, you simply toss it in the trash. These pens convienent, lightweight, and portable. If you are new to cannabis, this is a great option to try it out. The O.NE is not available in strain specific varieties, however you can find them in sativa, indica, and hybrid options.

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