DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – April 13, 2017) – Tim Cullen, CEO, Colorado Harvest Company, and Ralph Morgan, CEO, Organa Brands, business partners in one of the world’s largest consumer cannabis companies and internationally respected cannabis cultivation and retail entrepreneurs, will present at the O’Cannabiz Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 21-23, 2017. O’Cannabiz, an inaugural event, is convening to explore aspects of cannabis legalization in Canada.

In two separate opening boot camps, which O’ Cannabiz promoters describe as “a high-intensity big-picture introduction to the entire event,” Cullen and Morgan will present ideas, business strategies, core values and lessons learned from leading their growing, profitable and diverse US-based enterprises.

Sharing the same ideals and beliefs that good cannabis is good medicine, their partnership began in 2009, although they started their medical cannabis businesses independently. Cullen focused on cultivation and retail operations, relying on his formal education and 10 years of experience teaching high school biology. Morgan opened an apothecary-styled retail center and then founded Organa Labs in 2010, which is the oldest and longest running supercritical CO2 cannabis oil extraction lab in the world. Today, they are partners in Organa Brands, the industry’s largest consumer cannabis company and the umbrella corporation for five brands: O.penVAPE, Bakked, District Edibles, Magic Buzz, and Organa Labs, the oil that is infused into the entire product line. Together, they own Colorado Harvest Company, a mid-sized vertically integrated cultivation and retail operation growing their own cannabis and selling it to adult consumers for recreational and medical use.

“We knew early on that we could work together and that we’d be more successful if we did,” Cullen said. “Very soon, especially with states legalizing cannabis for recreational use, we had to divide, diversify and conquer to manage rapid growth and meet unprecedented consumer demand.”

Cullen manages the local Colorado Harvest Company team comprising 80 employees who work within a sophisticated cultivation operation and three retail cannabis centers that completed 151,054 unique cash sales in 2016. Five partners came together in 2012 to form O.penVAPE, the world’s leading vaporizer brand, a subsidiary of Organa Brands. Morgan leads this international enterprise with licensed manufacturing plants in nine states and Jamaica, a science team that includes 15 PhDs and a distribution network through 1,200 US dispensaries and ancillary products in seven countries.

“Tim and I believe research & development, advocacy, business acumen and thoughtful regulation are key drivers of a thriving cannabis industry,” Morgan said. “We’re here to tell our stories and share our experience so that cannabis enthusiasts in Canada can benefit from legal cannabis.”

Cullen’s boot camp, “Envisioning a Sustainable Cannabis Retail Operation” is slated 3:30 to 3:50 pm, Friday, April 21, 2017. While Canada has not yet decided how to manage cannabis distribution, Cullen will discuss what’s working in Colorado so that Canadian entrepreneurs can know what is needed to operate a profitable, vertically integrated cannabis business.

Morgan’s boot camp, “The Truth about Cannabis Oil: Purity v. Potency,” is slated 11:35 am to 12:00 pm, Friday, April 21, 2017. He’ll offer a quick explanation of the hard science required to meet the demand of the sophisticated cannabis consumer. Already, labs are producing cannabis oils with distinctive profiles that are rich in flavor and pure in formulation. Cannabis oil can be extracted to the level of 99% active THC. Morgan will explain the evolution of cannabis oil extraction in the context of consumer preferences.

About Colorado Harvest Company

Colorado Harvest Company produces and sells its own naturally-grown cannabis for adult medicinal and recreational use. Colorado Harvest Company was the first to commission an independent economic impact study of its business and has since become an industry model for financial transparency. Dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality naturally-grown cannabis and courteous customer service, Colorado Harvest Company’s reputation represents the benefits of the legal cannabis movement. Tim Cullen, CEO, is one of Colorado’s most knowledgeable cannabis authorities by nature of his years of diverse industry experience; formal education and training; public efforts to support legal compliance; industry involvement; community philanthropy and thoughtful media commentary.