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About Veritas Cannabis

Veritas Fine Cannabis were the first recreational wholesalers in Colorado. The team of cultivation experts at Veritas have honed in the plant’s natural terpene and cannabinoid production, and they have perfected their ever-expanding library of unique genetics. All of their plants are watered, staked, nurtured, harvest, trimmed, and packaged by hand, resulting in a superior terpene profile and creates an elevated cannabis experience.

No matter  if you a new to the world of cannabis or have been around for awhile, Veritas is consistently putting out new and unique strains to elevate your adventures. 

Flower Product Drops and Releases

Colorado Harvest Company is one of a few select recreational dispensaries in the state of Colorado that receives consistent Veritas flower drops. You will be able to find strains like Cake Pop, Cherry Diesel, Chem #4, Papaya Cake, Stardawg, White 99, and More. If you would like to see our product drop dates and information, check out our Pop-up & Drops page. You can also see drop information and which strains will be dropping via our Instagram.

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See Veritas Strains & Packaging

 The below images are examples of what to expect from Veritas.