What exactly is Cannabis Caviar? Let us explain what it is using Dadirii Extract’s products as examples.

Cannabis Caviar is what happens when you mix dry flower with some type of cannabis extract. There are many ways you can buy cannabis caviar. You can usually buy it buy the gram or pre rolled into joints or blunts.

Dadirri Extracts specializes in luxery cannabis caviars. Let us share a few of their products with you.

Dadirri Bubble Caviar Cones

Want a little extra flavor and kick without going overboard? Dadirri Bubble Cones are perfect. Top shelf cannabis coated in flavorful bubble hash. Since there is so much extra concentrate in the cone, one can last up to 3 sessions. 

cannabis caviar bubble joint dadirri

Dadirri Caviar Cones

Unlike any other Cannabis Caviar Joint on the market today, Dadirri really takes it home. Top shelf bud, soaked in distillate, and coated in bubble hash. Incredibly potent and with an amazing flavor, this caviar cone will last forever.  

cannabis caviar joint dadirri

Dadirri Caviar Jar

Top shelf bud, soaked in distillate, and coated in bubble hash. These beautiful moonrocks are perfect for breaking up over a bowl or rolling into a blunt. Comes in a durable, glass keepsake jar. If you like smoking out of pipes or rolling your own, this is the way to go.

cannabis caviar jar dadirri