By: Chad Drew

Lately I have really been examining some of the cannabis offered in our beautiful city.

As a connoisseur, I am still amazed at how often I am glad to be a member at Colorado Harvest Company. Yes, I have my plants growing here too!

I never doubt the quality of flower on the shelves. You can taste that it has been naturally grown with integrity.

From their childhood as young clones, and until the day they’re ready to harvest, we nourish our plants with a balanced diet of light, water, nutrition, and love.

Our team of experienced horticulturists prefer coco coir as our growing medium.

It’s an inert medium that gives our plant roots a healthy start, efficiently delivers nutrition to better achieve a consistent harvest, and results in minimal environmental impact because it’s a renewable resource.

C.H.C. grows with a passion for cultivating healthy & potent cannabis plants with ethical methods & loving care.

Upon harvest, our plants are carefully trimmed & cured so you get the finest product Colorado has to offer.

When I break the package open, I can smell that the hand-trimmed buds were packaged fresh!

Stop in every Flower Power Sunday and save 15% on cannabis grown with integrity by Colorado Harvest Company.