What Are THC Diamonds – THC Diamonds Explained

What Are THC Diamonds

What Are THC Diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds are a form of THC extract that you can consume via smoking or vaping. Diamonds have a solid crystalline appearance, are semi-transparent, and have a diamond-like look. Cannabis diamonds are one of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrates on the market. We recommend these types of concentrates to more experienced cannabis consumers as many diamonds contain 99.9% THC when heated up.

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How Are THC Diamonds Made From?

Diamonds are created through a multi-step extraction process. First, cannabis plants are put through an extraction process to create a concentrate called “sauce”. Cannabis sauce is created through a closed-loop process that introduces a solvent, then removes said solvent to create the sauce concentrate. After the sauce is created it goes through the final process called “diamond mining” or by its technical term called “recrystallization”.¬†Recrystallization is up to a three-week process where heat and pressure create a crystalline product called “THCA Diamonds”. This is when the magic happens.

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How Do You Consume Cannabis Diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds are consumed by smoking, vaping, or dabbing. Most consumers of diamonds will use a vaping or dabbing tool such as a PuffCo Peak, DeVinci IQ2, or Pax 3. Using high-end devices or a clean dabbing rig will allow you to experience diamonds the way they were meant to be. However, be aware that many concentrates contain 60-70%+ THC content but diamonds contain upwards of 99.9% THC content when heated. This means a little bit goes a very long way.

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