What Is RSO? – Rick Simpson Oil Explained

What Is RSO - Rick Simpson Oil Explained

Who Is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson is the creator of “Rick Simpson Oil” or “RSO”. If you couldn’t tell, the “RS” in RSO stands for Rick Simpson. Rick Simpson claims to have successfully treated his skin cancer with the oil.

In the early 2000s, Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Rick then set out to treat his condition with concentrated topical cannabis oil that he made himself.

After using it to successfully treat his condition, Rick Simpson set out to bring RSO to the public in hopes of helping others with similar conditions. Now you can find the oil in our dispensaries and many others around the world.

710 Labs RSO - Rick Simpson Oil

What is RSO? Rick Simpson Oil Explained.

RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is a form of cannabis oil and is generally high in THC content. You will usually see Rick Simpson Oil packaged in syringes for easier application. Most consumers of RSO will intake it orally or topically.

Rick Simpson Oil is a sticky black oil that has a tar-like consistency. Since it is an activated form of cannabis concentrate, it requires no heat to produce effects. For this reason, the oil is popular with medical cannabis patients.

How Do You Consume RSO?

RSO can be consumed by simply applying the oil in your mouth, under your tongue, on your skin, or mixed into foods and drinks. Because of its high THC potency, we recommend starting with a small amount to get a feel for the correct dosage. This usually is a dosage no larger than a grain of rice or a water droplet.