Top Concentrate Brands In Colorado

Top Concentrate Brands In Colorado

Looking for the top concentrate brands in Colorado? We have put together a list of some of our favorite cannabis concentrate brands. Each brand has their own process of extracting cannabis which makes them all unique in their own ways. Give them a try next time you are in one of our dispensaries.

710 Labs

710 Labs is a group of award-winning artists obsessed with creating the richest flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small-batch, hand-trimmed cannabis in Colorado. 710 Labs is made up of cannabis industry OGs that seek out exotic cannabis strains from the most renowned breeders in the world. Discover their live rosin, persy live rosin, live badder, water hash, and more. You can find 710 Labs concentrates at any Colorado Harvest Company dispensary. See menus here

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The Olio team is comprised of hash enthusiasts that first started extracting cannabis in 2012 and have been pushing the envelope since. They are focused on terpene preservation and producing unique flavor profiles within their cannabis concentrates. Olio’s genetic library is made of some of the finest in the nation. Stop by and find out why Olio produces some of the most beautiful, clean, and potent concentrates on the Colorado market.

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Lazercat is a fun and innovative crew that mixes art, science, nature, and crystals to bring you the best hash they can. Aided by the finest cannabis, they believe solventless hash promotes healing, creativity, interconnectedness, and wellbeing. All Lazercat concentrates are made with 100% in-house grown cannabis. 

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HRVST Labs, located in Idaho Springs, Colorado, is one of Colorado’s premier hydrocarbon cannabis labs. HRVST Labs also produces high-end wax & shatter options using Colorado Harvest Company in-house strains. See our menus for availability.

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