Best Cannabis Vape Cartridges In Colorado

cannabis vape cartridge

Cannabis Vape Cartridges are becoming more popular every year. With so many amazing cannabis vape companies in Colorado, which ones are the best?

Let’s explore some of the top cannabis companies who produce some of the top vaporizer cartridges on the market.

710 Labs Cannabis Pod

710 Labs is known for their quality concentrates and flower. Their Live Resin pod is no exception. Stay on the lookout for their exclusive drops of their high terpene cannabis cartridges that come in the form of their pods. This cartridge is hard to find and sells out quick. We recommend following 710 Labs or our page on Instagram to get notified of their drops.

710 Labs Pax Pod Menu Photo

Green Dot FSE Cartridge

Green Dot Labs’ Full Spectrum Extract Pen takes the amazing flavors of Green Dots Distinctive strains and puts it into a cartridge. The FSE cannabis cartridge contains pure, uncut live resin extracted from whole plants grown at their Boulder facility. Enjoy Green Dot’s Black Label genetics in the form of amazing cannabis cartriges.

Green Dot Labs FSE Cartridge

O.penVAPE Craft Cartridges

O.penVAPE has been around since 2012 and has been creating some of cannabis industries top cannabis cartridges. You can find an array of their cartridges from entry level pens to Craft RESERVE cartridges in many sizes. Pick you strain, screw in the cartridge, and puff away!

open craft live resin menu photo

Spherex Cannabis Cartridges

Spherex is the next generation of cannabis cartridges. They produce Cannabis Pax Pods, Regular 510 Cartridges, and disposable pens. Spherex offers many types of cartridges that can effect moods such as focus, sleep, and relief. You will also find an arrange of high terpene cartridges that take your tasting experience to another level.

img spherex disposable