What Are The Different Types Of Cannabis Vape Cartridges?

Different Types Of Cannabis Vaporizer Cartridges

What Are The Different Types Of Cannabis Vape Cartridges?

There are multiple types of cannabis vaporizer cartridges on the market today. Many cannabis vape cartridges vary in size & style. Some cartridges can be used with different batteries, while others can only be used with the battery purchased with the cartridge. Let’s explore some of the most popular types.

510 Thread Count Cartridge

The most common type of cannabis vape cartridge is the 510 thread count cartridge. This type of cartridge is generally longer, has a translucent oil tank, and is fitted with a 510 thread count screw attachment. Many cannabis companies such as Green Dot Labs, LazerCat, Sunshine Extracts, Dab Logic, and many others use the 510 thread count cartridge type. 

510 Thread Count Cannabis Vape Cartridge


The PAX ERA was originally a tobacco vape pen, however, many cannabis companies have fabricated their own cartridges to be used with the PAX ERA. This can make life a lot easier for people who use the PAX ERA normally. All you have to do is switch out your cartridges whenever you are wanting to consume cannabis. These cannabis pods usually come in 500mg amounts and can usually be found at our locations. See our menus here.

PAX ERA Pod Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Disposable Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Disposable cannabis vape cartridges are perfect for those who only want to consume small amounts. These types of cannabis vaporizers do not require an external battery. The battery & cartridge come as one unit and cannot be separated. The battery does not require charging and once the cartridge is empty you simply toss it in the trash.

Disposable Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Device-Specific Cartridge

Device-Specific vape cartridges reference any cannabis cartridges that can only be used with the battery made for it. For example, 710 Labs‘ Pods can only be used with their battery. This gives 710 Labs the ability to ensure the quality of their product and that the end-user receives the experience they wished for.

Device-Specific Cannabis Vape Cartridges